Harvest Box

How it works

Early in the spring, you sign up to be a part of our weekly harvest box program. Then, starting in July, you begin to receive a box of fresh vegetables from our farm each week.

Every week the box will feature 7-9 different vegetables that are a reflection of what’s in season. We will be growing over 30 different crops including staples like head lettuce, beets and carrots, to seasonal favourites like cherry tomatoes, melons and many more! An e-newsletter is included each week with recipes to provide inspiration in the kitchen.

The program runs for a total of 15 weeks (July 4 to October 10). You can choose to pick up your box or have it delivered. Scroll down for more details.

How much does it cost?

The box costs $20/week ($300 for the season). We try to align our prices with those found in the organic section of a supermarket. Our goal is to provide you with a fresher, higher quality product at the same organic price as the grocery store.

We ask you to commit for the entire season by paying in advance. By prepaying for the season, harvest box members save 10% compared to our market prices. Meaning you pay $20 but receive at least $22 worth of veggies each week.

If prepayment is a barrier to participating, we are willing to set up an arrangement for you to pay in monthly installments.

Why sign up?

We prioritize our Harvest Box members, meaning that you get the best of what we have to offer without having to be first in line at our market stand.

You can also have your box delivered to you if you are looking to buy local, but don’t have time to make it to the farmers market.

Pickup or Delivery

The harvest box is available in Grand Forks and Christina Lake. You can choose to pick up your box or have it delivered.

Grand Forks

Pick up your box at the farm on Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The farm is at 7905 Boundary Drive. This is just down past the high school towards Observation Mountain.

OR have your box delivered.

Deliveries will be made on Thursday evenings. There is a delivery fee of $3/week.

Christina Lake

Pick up your box from us on Sundays at the Christina Lake Sunday Market (1770 Sandner Frontage Rd) from 9am to 12pm.

OR have your box delivered.

Deliveries will be made on Sunday Mornings (9:30 to 10:30 am-ish). If you like to sleep late on Sundays just leave your empty box outside Saturday night and we will replace it in the morning! There is a delivery fee of $3/week.


Can I make substitutions or add items to my box each week?

This year we will have a substitution and add-on option if you choose to pick up your box.  You will be able to switch out an item you’d rather not get for something else that we have available of equal value. Or, you can choose to add available items to your box.

How many vegetables are in the box? Is it enough for a couple? Is it enough for a family?

It’s difficult to say if a box is enough vegetables for a certain number of people for one week- it really depends on how many veggies you eat! We’ve heard from our customers that it is easily enough for a couple and possibly enough for a couple with a small child. If you choose to pick up your box you can always add items to it.

What if I’m away, can I put my box on hold?

You can arrange to pick-up your veggies at our farm on a different day if you are away. Or if you will be away for a longer period, we encourage you to find a friend or family member to pick up your box for you. If you are unable to make other arrangements we can offer you a credit to use at our Farm Gate or our stall at the Christina Lake Sunday Market, so long as you give us at least 4 days notice.

How to sign up?

Select from the options below to get started. You will be able to reserve your box and indicate if you plan to pay by e-transfer or cheque. Payment is due  by the date of the first box pick-up, but you are welcome to pay at your earliest convenience.