About Us

Who are we?

Settle Down Farm is located in Grand Forks (just a few minutes from downtown, at the North end of Boundary Drive behind the high school). We grow a wide range of vegetables, as well as raspberries and melons.

The farm is run by us (Ann and Ahmed), with a lot of help from Ann’s parents (Bill and Sandra). 2017 was our first season in Grand Forks and we farmed under a different name then (Grand Union Farms) as this was part of an incubator farm arrangement that helped us get our business started. We have since moved on to a new more permanent farm, and have decided to “settle down” with our own name.


Is our produce organic?

Yes. Prior to starting our own farm, we spent a number of seasons working, WOOfing and interning on organic farms. Some were certified organic, and others used organic practices but chose not to certify.

These experiences led us to believe that certification is the right choice for us, and we are certified with the North Okanagan Organic Association. If you want to know more about our farming practices, just ask! We would be happy to talk more about it with you.