Harvest Card

How it works

Sign up for a Harvest Card and get a discount when you shop in our farm stand.

Our farm stand will be Open Everyday from 9am-7pm starting in the spring until we wrap up our season in December. 

Purchasing a Harvest Card gives you credit to use when you come to our farm stand. After you pick out your veggies, swipe your Harvest Card through the self-serve checkout and get a discount. 

How much does it cost?


 We have three sizes available: Standard, Family Size and Deluxe  


Pay $285 and Get $300 in Credit

($15 discount)

Family Size

Pay $375 and Get $400 in Credit

($25 discount)


Pay $460 and Get $500 in credit

($40 discount)

Why sign up?

This season we want to offer you the flexibility to pick out the veggies you want, when you want them (instead of a pre-packed box you need to pick up at a specific time each week).

If you are going out of town or want to take a week off, no worries. If you have visitors in town and need more veggies, you can stock up. The credit on your Harvest Card does not expire. If you are not able to spend it all in one season, your credit will roll over to next season.  

For us, we still get the stability of a guaranteed market, we don’t lose produce from forgotten pick-ups, and maintain a close relationship with you, our customers. 


When is the farm stand open?

The farm stand will be open everyday from 9am to 7pm. We are anticipating opening for the season in late April/early May and staying open until mid-December. 

Where is the farm stand?

The farm stand is located at the entrance to the farm at 7905 Boundary Drive.  

Do I have to buy a Harvest Card to shop in the farm stand?

No, everyone is welcome to shop in the farm stand. Buying a Harvest Card gets you a discount on your veggies. 

Can you show me how to use my card at the self-serve checkout? 

Yes. We will show how to use the card when you pick it up, and are happy to give you additional help as you need it. 

How does the discount work? 

When you buy a Harvest Card we will load on more credit on the card than what you pay for. For example if you buy a Family Size Harvest Card, you will pay $375 but get $400 worth of credit to spend on veggies. This amounts to $25 in free veggies.   

What if my card doesn’t work when I try to checkout? What if I forget my card?

If your card doesn’t work or you forget it, you can simply leave a note with your name and the veggies you took for us in the mailbox located inside the farm stand, and we will manually update your account.

Does the credit expire if I don’t use it all up in one season?

No, The credit on your Harvest Card does not expire. If you are not able to spend it all in one season, your credit will roll over to next season.

How do I know what’s going to be available in the farm stand?

You can sign up to get an email each week that will let you know what we have available. Sign up on our Farm Stand page here: https://settledownfarm.com/farm-stand/ 

How to sign up for a Harvest Card?

Select the size of Harvest Card you want below, then add it to your cart and checkout. You will be able to pick up your card at the farm stand when we open in the spring.